well why not

So in typical Kamisha fashion, I may be biting  off more than I can chew by managing two blogs, but what do I have to lose? I desire to write everyday which is why I chose to receive daily prompts, however I am not convinced I should try to make the prompts center around my travel blog, Rootless and Rudderless (which you can also find right here on WordPress.com). Nor am I am sure that my travelesque blog should delve into random unrelated topics that do not center ontravel, expat, lifestyle topics, etc.

Thus in my attempt to write daily and give myself something productive to do as I am transitioning into my new lifestyle, I give you Midlife Awakening. It is a tag I thought of for my other blog posts and it makes perfect sense to me that as I navigate and explore my 40s making more life change that it should be an awakening of sorts, not a crisis. My therapist stressed yesterday “what is going to be different” in and about South Korea. The idea being not to relocate and be on the same (bull)shit. Therefore, what is going to be different than Atlanta? Than Tallahassee? Than Chicago? What is going to be so remarkably different about me that my life is literally different? Altered?

Some things I have thought about are my boundaries. They can be all too loosey goosey sometimes, so tightening those up. I am an extroverted introvert, so I would really like to be more true to my introvertedness and appreciate more the alone time, embrace the lonesomeness more instead of trying to “fight it”, see boundaries lol. My finances! That’s just a shit show that needs major revisions and resuscitation. Adulting, what does that even mean and how does that look for me – not anybody else. Same goes for relationships of all shapes, sizes, and varieties – personalizing the damn things. And lastly, perhaps, learning to go with the flow and let more shit go, see control issues and patience.

I challenge myself to be more vulnerable and transparent. I challenge myself to write everyday, whether it’s the first thing I do to get my day started or the last thing I do before calling it a day. I challenge myself to stop holding so much shit – ideas, inspirations, irritants, ideologies – all the “I”s lol and more. I challenge myself to exactly what is going to be different, starting today.

Even if that means the daily prompt was leaf and instead of trying to make something up about that, I was inspired to create something new, something for myself, which just maybe the ultimate prompt for a life remodification.



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