morning flow

I am anxiously obsessed about establishing a consistent morning routine. I know that the way I start my day is everything and I truly desire to strive on being my best self by putting some things into practice, like more self care. The tension between hitting the ground running and taking time to ease into the day is literally mind numbing.

It begins with the snoozing or stopping of the alarm. Since it is my phone, I am compelled to check notifications or texts or email, so I suppose for starters I should get an alarm clock (just thought of that). Once that ball gets rolling, I want to clear out my inbox, respond to things, check the weather, etc., then before you know it, anywhere from 15- 60 mins can pass by. Now add to that if I have thought of something to blog about because I want to jump on my laptop and get to writing. My concern with all these things is plugging in too quickly and what kind of foundation or intention am I setting for the day?

This morning in an effort to switch it up and try to avoid flourescent light (and artificial air), I started by opening the patio door and curtains allowing fresh air, nature sounds, and natural light to peek into the room. I lit a candle when I went to use the bathroom and also decided to do a honey and oat facial mask. I returned to bed to let it marinate and after 10 minutes took a shower with my basil candle in there, so that is something else I am going to throw into the morning routine mix. After my shower, moisturized as usual and by now the sun’s rising was beginning to peak a little more light into the room. I lit my peppermint candle and had a bagel for breakfast.

Once I was finished with that, I put on a millennial soul playlist, opened the laptop and started writing. I was able to focus for the most part until my travel blog post ( was complete. Then I cleared out my email, checked out my Facebook and Instagram, downloaded some things, messaged several people, thought about the rest of my day, solved some things and then began writing this post.

It is now about six since I started my day and I am feeling okay about it. I do not move into my permanent residence for like another 48 hours, so I am in a hotel until then, however in my head I imagine a daily cup of hot tea, meditation, and sun salutations perhaps to get my day initiated. I hope to ground myself and set an intention. Check in with my oracle and tarot cards. Have a wholesome, healthful breakfast. All before I give a care about anything else happening in the world around me, center me first.

I could have probably focused better today, yet not having anywhere to be and nothing particular to do has likely contributed to my ease, not to mention I have been on vacation for nearly four months! So, my schedule is essentially all off. Perhaps the ideal time to set a new way of doing things and establish the routines I want in place moving forward. Now this is not necessarily a new concept, but I am spurred by my current lifestyle revision of overseas relocation. I am also hoping that the ways of life I observe and learn from my South Korean experience will also influence my lifestyle changes for the better.



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