ever grateful

I have been having some moments lately – too many – in which I completely forget. Forget what an amazingness my life is right now and that I should – need to – remember what a blessing it is right now. Thus, I am making list of things I am grateful for, to remind myself . . .

  • live on an island, that most people have never heard of
  • in a part of the world I have never explored
  •  surrounded by nature, beauty
  • immigrant/expat
  • exposure to new language and culture
  • amazing food
  • brand new apartment, fully furnished, rent free
  • amazingly comfortable bed
  • sunroom/floor to ceiling windows
  • founding faculty member
  • brand new(ly) constructed school
  • small class sizes
  • good natured and energied colleagues/meeting new people
  • MacBook Pro
  • found my people
  • world class workout facilities right across from where I live (no excuses)
  • hustle free living
  • time to simply do me
  • new life experiences and opportunities
  • to be continued . . .

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