sheer exhaustion

I am currently trying to convince myself not to eat ice cream or chocolate pudding for dinner at 5:30 PM and then pass out in my bed. There are a wide variety of things I could be doing from personal to professional, yet even as I type this (as part of my reignited commitment to write daily) I am fighting to keep my eyelids from slamming shut. I could surmise that my limited sleep this weekend is catching up with me, but everyone is exhausted. Sheer exhaustion from the demands of life currently. And the demands of attempting to maintain some semblance of a life within that. Trying to
“balance” work and play, responsibility and recreation. The precipice of not shirking what is necessary for necessity. How to get those things done without compromising the things we need to do, without losing ourselves in the process. Keeping our spaces clean and livable, eating healthfully, exercise routines, mental health intervals, physical satisfactions, quality time with loved ones . . . – I could go on and on. Yet all of this is difficult, challenging at best and damn near impossible when you are too tired to do or think about little else than crawling into your bed or passing out on the couch as soon as you cross the threshold of your home.

What is the solution? Is there an answer to this quandary? Or perhaps is it as simple as The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck, both literally and figuratively and even perhaps not so subtly. Unsure, but it is definitely on my holiday read list so I will keep you posted

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