My winter holiday in Thailand was a wake up call! Having gained weight, the heaviest I have ever been, I knew it was more than just weight weighing my down. Everything from finances to fitness needs an overhaul – or a reawakening perhaps. These last few months although exhilarating in many ways has also been a major life sucking energy drain in others. So while I am committed to significant changes, I knew I could not tackle everything “all at once”. My personal history has shown that baby steps and incremental work are best for forming habits with my particular personality and constitution.

Ultimately my desires centered on:

  • a regular practice of writing, reading, meditating and yoga for my mental health
  • consistent cardio, strength training, and dietary modifications for my physical health and medical concerns (and mental health)
  • financially consistent giving, saving and debt annihilation for my future, legacy, stability (and mental health)

I want these things to be routine without drudgery, obviously not overwhelming, realistically maintainable, and easily transferable, no matter what situation or circumstances I find myself.

For nearly three weeks, I have been waking up earlier to give myself enough time for a hot cup of tea, meditation, magic work and breakfast – all before going to work or stepping out into the world. Two weeks ago I started reading before I go to bed (at least 30 minutes), rather than being on devices or watching television. This past week I add the commitment to attend yoga class in the morning for four weeks (with the understanding that each week we start earlier and class gets longer). Finally, I continue to write in my journals since returning home even though this is only my second blog post three weeks into 2018.

And this morning, this Saturday morning instead of sleeping in, I got up for 7 am yoga class. In an abbreviated morning routine, I made my tea and took it with me. I saged myself and trekked out in the dark, cool morning to the gym. Since I was the first one there I turned on the heat, set up my mat, and waited. I know the yoga instructor and the other people who come to class, so I quickly realized there was no class today. However, I led myself through a 30 minute practice. Nearly four years of yoga practice from classes to trainings and I am not confident I have ever led my self (seriously) in practice. Even as a children’s yoga teacher, those routines are pretty much committed to memory, so muscle memory auto pilot.

It is almost one in the afternoon, more than six hours since my day started. I never did finish my tea, it is sitting right here at my feet. I cleaned up the kitchen, tidied up the house, made and consumed a matcha smoothie bowl. I think I have been writing this post for like four hours because I got distracted by Facebook Messenger and then Facebook and then email and then texts and then the internet. I would still like to read today (and reread some things and make notes), catch up on my Ayurveda training modules and homework, do some food prep and cooking for the week, work prep, Netflix, rest(ore), and shower – I should probably shower today, sometime soonish.

The point is my weekend is two days. There are so many hours in those two days. I may do all of those things or some or none. I may devise new or different things to do. I may decide I need some fresh air or I may very well stay cooped up. I may socialize or be a hermit. Who knows?

But my laptop is at 6% so seems like a good time to recharge it, take a shower and nourish my body with lunch . . .

keep you posted . . .

hopefully as I intend to blog more regularly . . .

or rather incrementally.


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