We are 79 days into 2019 and it is the eve of the Spring Equinox! As I reminisce about the last three and a half months, there are a few moments that would definitely qualify as best memory of the year so far – nevertheless choosing one would definitely have to be issue, acceptance, and signing of my new contract!

Otherwise known as my freedom papers, I am elated to be trading island life for subtropical temperatures and sea views. In just 84 days I will be exiting stage left expeditiously. A quick refresher and love recharge stateside for about six weeks reconnecting with family and friends.

Then 137 days from now, new beginnings in a new country at a new school learning a new curriculum approach with new colleagues. Moreover, I realized for the first time in a decade I will have my own classroom, so new adventures and opportunities to match.

Never know what life is going to bring you, nor where it is going to take you. Had you asked me 365 or 730 days ago would I be here right now at this time and place, I would not have ever even imagined it. Life lessons: don’t limit yourself, dream big and imagine the “impossible”. Why not? Nothing to lose . . .


challenge accepted

In an attempt to return to writing consistently, I am tackling a 150 day journaling challenge. That’s like five months worth of daily writing, I just realized as I ran the numbers in my head. It also coincides with my decision to change jobs, relocate to another country, and lose 20 pounds. Like I literally just decided a week ago to take seriously the status of my health and what I was going to do about it. I had joined Weight Watchers a few weeks ago to address eating habits, however I was not yet motivated to become physically active – I needed motivation.

Although Facebook is often the bane of my existence, it does allow me to stay in touch with the rest of the world and particularly my former life. A contact of mine in Chicago, issues a 21 day Spring Get Up Challenge and I thought why not? I literally have nothing to lose but weight right? Except as part of our journey and commitment, we plant a financial seed. After our initial conversation about why I wanted to this, what I hoped to accomplish, what are my excuses, etc. I took 48 hours to really think about how much was this worth to me. Ultimately priceless, however I did equate an amount to it. An amount I could use for a plane ticket. Or an awesome weekend kicking it. A spa day. A luxury hotel staycation. Shopping. The possibilities are endless, but I chose to instead invest in myself – perhaps for the first time in a long or who knows, ever.

It’s day 2 of the challenge and I went to the gym twice. Yesterday, even though it was raining afterwork and I was hungry and my period is coming and it was Monday, I went to the gym – after 7 months. Challenge accepted. My workout consisted of rowing, treadmill, and kettlebells. One thing I miss from my CrossFit days, is my strength! Nothing quite moves my soul like deadlifts, holding a plank, and leaping up on a box like a nimble animal. That means a strong core is front and center on the to do list.

Despite the extra hour at work today for after school, I returned to the gym again. Added an additional 4 minutes to my rowing – DJ Khaled playlist – and focused just only upper body since my quads are feeling the burn from yesterdays squats. Tomorrow is another long day and I am getting my nails done afterwork, nevertheless I will be return on Thursday.

My return to writing. My return to fitness. My return to health. My return to self. 2019. Challenge accepted.